Playwright Tweet Chat #PlaywrightChat 

When: Tuesday, June 2, 1 pm to 2 pm 

Why: During this isolating time, it’s more important than ever to find ways to virtually connect. 

Who: Our target audience is playwrights, but everyone is welcome. We encourage other theater folks or other writers to join us. 

What’s a Tweet Chat?: Tweet chats are very common in the biz world, but less so in the arts world. They’re a great way to make friends, find people to collaborate with, laugh, and learn. 

How: Use the hashtag #PlaywrightChat 

How do Tweet Chats work? 

1) Log into Twitter at 1 pm (it’s also OK to come late if you can’t arrive at 1. We will be on until 2 pm. Stay the whole time or join us when you’re able.) 

2) Put the hashtag #PlaywrightChat in your search bar. Click the word “latest.” This allows you to see all the tweets that apply to our discussion, and only those tweets. Here’s your chance to escape coronavirus tweets for an hour and visit with your fellow playwrights. Every so often, hit “latest” to see the latest tweets. (If you’re a Twitter Pro, feel free to use your favorite Twitter app.) 

3) To get the conversation going, I’ll be posting questions. I’ll post a new question around every 7 minutes. You have several options: 

         —We encourage participation, but it’s also OK to just read the discussion. Jump in when you’re ready! 

         —Reply to the questions. To do so: Write a new tweet. Include the question number and #PlaywrightChat OR “Retweet with comment” the question and make your answer “the         


        —Reply to someone else’s answer. Like any regular tweet, click the thought bubble below the tweet and write a reply. If you want it to be part of our discussion, include #PlaywrightChat

        —“Retweet with comment” someone else’s tweet and write your reply as the comment, with the hashtag #PlaywrightChat 

        —Like what someone said but don’t have anything to add? Then retweet their tweet and/or click the heart, as you would with any tweet. 

        —If you tweet anything, make sure to check your notifications page so you can keep up with people reaching out to you

***Whenever you post: use the #PlaywrightChat hashtag. Otherwise, you’re not part of the conversation. 


Treat this like a real conversation. Imagine that you’re at a party, or networking event. You’re here to make friends, find people to collaborate with, laugh, and learn. Answer questions, offer advice, share useful articles/videos/quotes/jokes, etc. After the chat, I encourage you to contact others directly. You’re also encouraged to follow the folks in the chat on Twitter so you can hear about theater when you’re not in the chat.