Schedule our leadership seminars for your next retreat, conference, or board meeting. We feature interactive seminars on improvisation, storytelling, networking, public speaking, icebreakers, and leadership activities.

Give illuminating speeches. Write captivating, creative content. Impress colleagues, customers, and your boss. Easily network at business events and parties.  Create sparkling presentations that are standing-room only at conferences or leave clients no choice but to buy. Develop a knack for noteworthy newsletters. Talk like TED. Create common ground with Cross-Cultural Communication. Share scintillating stories.  Radiate retweets.  Light up any gathering with your leadership. Nail wedding toasts. Translate your content into Spanish or Czech. Be meaningful, memorable, magical. Never be afraid to speak again. Watch your voice light up the world.


Write Now

Talk like TED at your next presentation. We’ll train you to write and deliver a speech that will inspire audiences. We’re also available to write or deliver a speech. Our staff has trained over 100 TED and TEDx speakers, and delivered hundreds of speeches on a variety of topics in multiple languages.

Check out our trainings on writing creative, captivating web content, blogs, and newsletters. Or outsource your writing project to us. Our staff includes writing experts that have been published around the globe.



Build a Bridge

Learn to overcome your fear of public speaking. We’ll demonstrate techniques to prepare you for conference presentations, board meetings, pitches, and business events.

We edit and create contracts, proposals, presentations, sales brochures, bids, business plans, employee handbooks, and other business documents. Our editors create effective and engaging documents.

In the age of globalization, Cross-Cultural Communication is critical to your business. Whether you’re traveling abroad, working remotely with clients in other nations, or hiring employees from other countries, we will increase your awareness and understanding, which will increase your business success.

Never let a small mistake prevent you from getting funding. We provide copyediting and content editing for proposals, journal articles, and other STEM writing. Our science staff includes a Ph.D in Biology, Pharm.D, and an IT professional. We’ll make your research stand-out.

STEM Editing

Translate Your Ideas

Translate your web content, newsletters, videos, and more into Spanish or Czech. Our experts have translated for lawyers, doctors, banks, nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals. We also speak Portuguese and elementary French.

Stand Out

Network like a pro at your next business or social event. Learn tips to work the crowd, share your story, and promote yourself. Our staff includes the Founder of Networking Lunch.

Share Your Ideas



Get your message across in speeches, writing, social media, and networking. We will help you weave your message into all your communication, and to share your ideas effectively and effortlessly.

Whether your want to learn how to use Twitter for the first time, or need advanced advice on how to increase retweets and use Twitter to drive traffic to your website, increase your newsletter circulation, and attract clients, we are here to help.

Create essays, fiction, plays, poetry, storytelling, and screenplays. Our staff has published or produced creative work in 12 countries. Express yourself by discovering creative writing techniques. Learn how to submit your work to editors and publishers.