"Deborah has all the hallmarks of a great speaking coach. A skilled storytelling master and a motivator in one. She knows who you are and how to tailor your story such that telling it to a large audience doesn't seem intimidating and comes naturally. She is gentle yet very precise when giving pointers on the areas for improvement. You are guaranteed to get good results working with her.”

    ~Liyana Sulaiman, Entrepreneur, Foodbloks Pte. &  Gimmie Enterprise Gamification

“Deborah’s feedback was spot-on and helped me elevate the quality of my talk greatly. Despite the highly technical nature of my topic, Deborah was able to quickly pick up an understanding and help me deliver clearer explanations. The next time I am planning an important talk, I'll be reaching out to Deborah for a dry-run review and feedback session!”                             

    ~Jeremy Rubin,  Researcher,  MIT Media Lab

“Alfonso is a wonderful speaker with a commanding presence. He captivates the audience and knows how to get his points across with style.” 

    ~ Ryan McMunn, CEO, BRIC Language Systems

“Debbie is perfect for speaker curation. I've personally worked with her for TEDxNUS and it was an amazing experience. She patiently listens to your thoughts, your work, what you want to get across, connects the dots and tells you what would have the greatest impact. A speech or a talk that doesn't impact the audience is a waste of time and effort. Sometimes, even the most brilliant people fail to articulate their thoughts and hence their talk isn't of the best quality. Debbie's curation helps make an average talk, impactful.”             

    ~Angad Daryani, MIT Media Lab

“Alfonso is an extraordinary playwright, teacher, and human being. I have been working with him on my Spanish for years and it has increased my confidence and fluency. He has also translated documents for me from time to time- and does so with care and perfection. He is fiercely intelligent, patient, and fun to work with.”  

    ~Jane Guyer Fujita, Assistant Arts Professor, NYU

“Deborah has given me spot-on and practical comments on how to revise my presentation so it is both entertaining and informative at the same time. She was also very reassuring and it helped to calm my nerves. My session with her was very helpful and I would definitely consult her again.” 

    ~Joanna Seo Stand-Up Comedian as well as Research Scientist & Professor, Nanyang Technological University

“Deborah was engaging. She heard my ideas and helped me to refine and suggest how they could be better delivered. Her advice was a great help to me and I would highly recommend her for any other speakers looking to deliver a great speech!”  

    ~Kwok Jia Chuan, Manager, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore

"Alfonso has a fantastic capacity for making learning fun and accessible to even the most reluctant student.  His jovial manner and ability to relate to people make him an asset in the workplace." 

    ~Amy Harris, Assistant Education Director, Manhattan Theatre Club

“Deborah’s background in both creative writing and public speaking gave her a terrific perspective, and she was supportive and full of good ideas. Highly recommend!” 

    ~Nicholas Seaver Senior Advisor, Ziff Brothers Investments

“I have known Debbie for about five years. We met through Endicott College, where she was teaching and I was Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence. Debbie often stopped by to chat about teaching methodologies and I always enjoyed the conversations because she cared deeply about teaching and was always looking for ways to improve her students' learning. Debbie is one of those valuable instructors who insists on challenging her students but also goes out of her way to make her classroom an active, welcoming, fun place. She has also presented at several NEFDC conferences, and her presentations reflect her attitude. I always learn something talking to Debbie or attending one of her sessions, and I highly recommend her to any campus lucky enough to hire her.” 

    ~Dakin Burdick, Director, Institute for College Teaching, SUNY Cortland