Did you miss our first #PlaywrightChat on March 31, 2020? Check out the highlights here.  Our theme was “Beginnings.” We discussed questions that we ask before writing a play, whether we outline and/or write character sketches, whether we write the first scene first, when we tell others about our ideas, how much research we do for true stories, what published plays have great beginnings, and more. Below, I’ve shared excerpts of some of our discussion. Hope to see you at our next #PlaywrightChat (the first Tuesday of the month, 1-2 pm est). 

I’d like to thank our #PlaywrightChat Pioneers. Make sure to follow all of these theater leaders on Twitter: 

•    Aaron Leventman @NotOnNetflix1 Actor, Playwright, Instructor, & Film Festival Curator

•    Deborah Finkelstein @SpeechCatalyst Playwright, & Speaker Catalyst at Fireworks Communication Consultants 

•    Drama Department at Reigate Grammar School @RGSDrama

   Gretchen Vaughn @TMTweetChat Speaker, Author, & Host of #TMTweetChat, a chat inspired by Toastmasters about leadership & communication 

•   Ian Thal @IanThal Playwright & Theater Critic

•    Jim DeVivo @jimdevivo Educator, Artist, Researcher, & Producer 

•    Kaamayni @kaamayni Writer & Brand Strategist 

•    Hannah Richards @actPRHannah Actor, Director, Aspiring Playwright, PR Director for Theater Company of Lafayette, MindBuck Media’s Social Media

        Manager, & Host of #StageChat 

•    Muge Ersan @mugersan Playwright & Content Editor 

•    Sarah Cosgrove Gaumond @_sarahcosgrove Actor, Director, & Playwright

In response to the “Why do they care” question, Deborah suggested checking out Andrew Stanton's great TED talk "The Clues to a Great Story"